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Bill Etheridge MEP & James Carver MEP (UKIP)
West Midlands MEPs James Carver and Bill Etheridge are to hold a major public meeting as part of a major drive to combat plans which could threaten the future of a popular local pub.
The UKIP MEPs, who have just launched a Save Our Pubs campaign, will be holding a public meeting at the Hare & Hounds Inn, in Wynall Lane, on Monday, March 16th at 7.30pm.


UKIP Defence of cider industry

James Carver MEP calls for spirited defence of the cider industry

West Midlands MEP James Carver fears small-scale producers of cider and perry could be hit by controversial EU moves to amend the UK’s excise duty scheme.

James Carver , UKIP MEP

The UKIP MEP, who represents Herefordshire, an area famous for cider and perry making, has today slammed the EU Commission which has formally requested the UK to cease its duty exemption for small-scale producers of cider and perry.

This exemption concerns producers, whose production does not exceed 70 hectolitres over a period of 12 consecutive months and who make such products for sale.

The Commission’s request means the British Government could be referred to the European Court of Justice, if it does not respond to the request.

Commenting on the move, West Midlands UKIP MEP James Carver, said: “This EU move is terrible news for the British cider and perry industry.

“Cider and perry makers would be hit by rising costs as a result of this EU diktat which will leave a sour taste in the mouths of small-scale producers.

“Our Government should stand up to this Commission attack on small businesses and launch a spirited defence of our superb cider and perry industry.”

The Campaign

UKIP is the political party of the pub  – pure and simple. We feel that not enough is being done to help the ailing pub trade which is why we have launched our Save the Pub campaign.

It is estimated that four pubs are closing a day across the UK.

In Greater London alone, over seven hundred pubs have closed since the introduction of the smoking ban.

The undemocratic smoking ban was a major kick in the teeth for those pubs that offered somewhere for people to enjoy a pint and a smoke at the end of a hard day. Great Britain used to be the country of tolerance, compromise and fairness – in the case of the smoking ban these values were nowhere to be seen. The ban was put in place which of course has had a devastating effect on the nation’s pubs.

Smoking ban aside, there are plenty of other reasons why the pub trade is struggling: cut price supermarket booze, extortionate business rates, red tape, ever increasing beer duty and tied commitments – meaning a pub has to buy its beer from their landlord as opposed to find it cheaper on the free market. All of these factors are nails in the coffin of the British pub and UKIP demands urgent action.


Deputy UKIP Leader Paul Nuttall MEP is spearheading UKIP’s Save the Pub campaign. UKIP believes that the other political parties have lost touch with reality and are nothing to protect the pub. Up and down the land hundreds of once great British boozers are closing down resulting in unemployment and broken communities.

Please sign our Save the Pub petition and make a difference. And if you support UKIP, rest assured your vote will be for a local politician who will make helping the ailing pub trade a priority.