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  1. Yes, the indoor smoking ban is truly undemocratic since not everyone agrees with it. People who smoke in fact have or must have nothing to do with it and were not asked when it was being imposed, by anybody, not the government, not the parliament, not anything else. I would like to thank you for running this website and this campaign because it is unreasonable that pubs are closing and the government has contributed to it with the smoking ban rather than minding about better prosperity and the healthy circulation of money. How can it be just the government’s responsibility that pubs are closing? It just doesn’t make sense, and it is in its duties to keep them well and running, and its job to do so for the general wellbeing of the economy.

  2. Did you know that CAMRA are asking all Parliamentary candidates to sign up to a support the British pub campaign too? Why net ask all UKIP candidates to sign up to it to reinforce UKIP’s own campaign?

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